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Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) Program

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The chief analytics officer program equips chief analytics officers to effectively explore available data and convert it into actionable insights. With analytical knowledge and decision-making at the core of learning, the program enables the CAO to create and implement a data vision and mission for the organization.

Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) Program is a 13-month learning journey (including a two-month program break) into the world of business analytics, covering foundations necessary to lead analytics teams and drive strategic decision making. The program is led by esteemed Berkeley faculty who combine cutting-edge research with extensive industry experience. The comprehensive curriculum begins with three core modules that provide you with the foundational frameworks to build and lead a business analytics team. You will gain hands-on experience on effectively using tools that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive strategy and innovation across your organization. Following the core modules, you will choose one elective short course and engage in one required short course to further enhance your technical, analytical, and leadership skills. You will also apply program insights to a capstone project by devising a data strategy road map for your organization.

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Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) Program

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